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Welcomes and Rules

*** Check out our sister group SamusIsNotASexToy !! It's all about stopping the sexual exploitation of female characters!!**

STAMP: Shut Up About Yaoi by thundybear
This is not a group against yaoi/yuri, hentai, porn, fanservice, etc.!!! We would just like people to keep away from our characters.

:iconshadowlinkplz::iconsaysplz:Hello there, this is a group that is all about standing against the sexual exploitation of male video game characters. The main point of this group is to show these heroes/etc. as they truly were meant to be shown. If you are tired of searching the name "Dark Link" and getting a bunch of porn pictures instead of that villain we all know and love, join this. Here is a brief idea of what this group's goal and rules are:

Group Mission:

Video example of what the group looks for (yes that's my account) :…

I have come to my final line when it comes to searching the name Dark Link and all I get are porno pictures. Well I have started a resitance against it! Not just for D. Link, but for all guys who are exploited for sexual pleasure. This group will be soley for pictures stating this message or simply showing a decent picture of D. Link as he was meant to guys and you don't wanna sort through all the porn, come here ^^

Rules Summary:

***Please visit this link for more details darklinkisnotasextoy.deviantar… ***

:bulletred: Obviously there will be NO nudity, pairing couples (exception info here: darklinkisnotasextoy.deviantar… ), no vulgar imagery or inappropriate pictures. If you didn't get that from the group name, then get it from this sentence. Anyone who submits work going against these rules, I will decline it and tell you why. If a member continues to do so over 3 times I will remove them from the group.

:bulletblack: For gallery guidelines check here: darklinkisnotasextoy.deviantar…

:bulletred: I will automatically accept new members. This isn't a group or a club, it's a common goal that will open to everyone. However if a member disobeys the rules by being rude, hateful or constantly trying to put up nasty pictures in my group, no more member they shall be. In other words, be nice and stick to the theme of the group.

:bulletblack: Spread the news as much as you can: we are standing up against the sexuality of video game guys being exploited and we will stop it. Please post this group on your profile, add all you works (that apply to the rules) to this group and tell people about it. I want to strongly end this injustice and nasty habbit of the internet.

:bulletred: You may join even if you don't have any pictures to submit. So long as you have this goal in your common interest, joining up is available to you.

:bulletblack: Use the note button as much as you want to ask questions or give suggestions towards the group. I need as much feedback as possible to make this group as awesome as you guys want. This isn't just my group, it's your group too

:bulletred: Please by all means use the blogs as much as you desire :3 (please check the link above to view the rules to blog entries. There's only one so calm down) and collections will be used by me to store specific groupings such as contests or featured.

:bulletblack: To people who plan on joining this group and bashing it or just a random troll, I will see to it that you are banned. The members of this group have a right to believe what they do and no one should disrespect that. I will keep my group a safe one and protect my members

:bulletred: All affiliations are accepted so long as it is video game related or relates to what this group stands for

With :heart:

Group Info

This group is the brother group of SamusIsNotASexToy which is about the resistance against female video game sexual explotiation. This group is the exact same, only for guys. I mean, sure a little eye candy is ok, but Dark Link from Legend of Zelda, or any other guy character out there, isn't just a piece of meat; they're heros and villians and awesome people who seriously need to be acknowledged for that! Any guy is welcome and safe here. Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, any game company, and character. Even a few none video game guys. Point is, these men need to be seen as the role models they can truly be.
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Aug 26, 2011


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Hyrule Warriors Review!

Well I was the first person at my local GameStop to get my copy and even saw the pretty walkthrough (which I strongly recommend if you've never played Dynasty Warriors) Now I haven't beat it yet (about 5 scenarios from doing so) because I didn't notice I was playing it for 8hr straight and I almost murdered my Wii U in gamer rage xP

Overall rating (so far) 7.5/10

Really good! But I do have some complaints.


1. Very unique!!! The characters, graphics, stages, attacks, music, all of it!! It's great!!

2. The fighting style is fun~ It can be annoying when my combos won't work, but it's still fun :3

3. I don't know why, but I like how they kept the Japanese voice acting in fights. You'll here Lana say "sore (take this)" or Zelda go "hai (yes)" in a cutscene. I don't know, I just find it entertaining

4. Graphics are gorgeous~

5. A ton of content. Currently I'm just running through story mode, but there's a lot of scenarios in adventure, certain things (heart containers, weapons, spider, etc.) you can get in certain ways on a level in story mode, and DLC. Soooooo muuuuuuch

6. The character personalities are easy to work with. Zelda is very nice and friendly (not as stuffy as some installments), Impa is supportive yet judgmental of Link, Ruto is actually rather nice, and Link was even given a character flaw for a certain level!

7. Again because I love it so much, uniqueneeeess!!!


1. You see, I've never played Dynasty Warriors so I don't know their mechanics. The game gave me no tutorials on what keeps are, how to prioritize objectives, etc. It took a lot of figuring out on my part to get it. I finally learned that it's a matter of protecting your keep and following missions.

2.  I really freaked out when I heard a narrator. I'm sorry I'm just so used to quiet Zelda games xD A silly thing I know. Her voice is kinda weird and slow though

3. I'd actually have liked voice acting in this. It's hard to read objectives and conversations while fighting

4. If you lose, it takes forever for you to find out. My character will just suddenly stop doing things, but the notifications are lagging behind telling me of accomplishments I did a while ago THEN tells me my keep was taken. And I can't skip it either :/

5. I don't find out my objective until after the characters are talking. This wastes time and is hard to follow them while fighting as said earlier.

6. This is my biggest issue. Freaking AI teammates. I've never liked them. I stopped on the boss fight with Cia because my teammates kept fleeing or losing their keep. I was a few hits away from killing her too!!! This happens a lot. It's really weird and annoying

7.  Some stereotypical elements. Like *insert character name that I won't spoil* is being controlled by someone else and that's why they do bad stuff, the overused villain lines (like "fine I'll do it myself!" Or "well whatever" or "I don't need to hear a speech from a goody goody") but those aren't points off. Sometimes it's unavoidable to use those things, but I just couldn't help but notice it.

So far I'm liking it :) a little annoyances (Like how Cia attacks me with a whip like we're in a BDSM session...) but I'll live :3 How are you liking your copy?? :D

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:iconpurple-fplz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpurple-rplz: :iconpurple-uplz::iconpurple-splz:

If you have any questions and/or comments feel free to notify our staff. It is our goal to keep this place as neat, safe and awesome for you guys. Feedback is what keeps this group going






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